pag. 4 / Book#1 // #the Journalist

Carmela probably knows it better…if she is not a journalist, then she could be a writer. She just doesn’t believe it. She will one day, I know it!


Catalina about herself :

“I grew up as an overprotected kid. I was taught that fear is good. It keeps you safe. “stay away from animals, so that they don’t bite you”, “don’t talk to strangers, cause they might harm you”, “don’t swim, cause you might drawn”, ” don’t ski or you might break your legs” ( which actually successfully happened ), “don’t stand up for others or speak up for yourself cause you might end up in trouble!”.
Then time passed and I had to start taking my own life decisions. And I realized that there is a safe way and a risky way. I instinctively chose the risky way, knowing that, at least for me, it is the only way.
So I beat up my fear of animals and got to hug even the strangest of them, I started to swim in open waters and (almost) drawn, to break my legs, to break my heart, to chose the hard way, be stubborn, speak up, stand up and get into trouble.
I had a small debate on fear with dear friend E last week. I asked:”what is fear good for?”. She said ” it keeps you alive”. And it is true. But then bravery is the one making your life worth. I think”


Thursday // October 22nd


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