The Taxi Driver & His Birthday Cake


He came out of nowhere and picked me up.
He didn’t speak to me for a while but I heard his phone conversation with his friend, trying to find a good place to buy a cake.

Then, he instantly turns to me and asks me about cake candles. He tells me his girl deserves a nice cake after 35 years of putting up with him (and I was thinking he was looking for a present for his daughter).

He turns to me again and tells me he loves his wife more than he did 35 years ago. He suddenly sounds like a young kid who just realized he fell in love.

I just had the best cab drive I’ve ever had. I pay him double and ask him nicely to buy his wife a flower on my account.
I am sure he got her the best cake and the flower, and that she had a beautiful day, just as all the others before that …

#Young souls leave forever


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