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that messy look

it’s 8 o’clock.

I am awake, looking forward to the second cup of coffee.

got to stay awake and freshen up. shooting starts in 3 hours, or so.

I must wash my hair, and put all things in order.

I won’t put any make-up on. it’s all fixed.

I am actually kind of nervous about the hair and make-up thing, since I hate to look as if I just popped out of the box. everyone seems to be so crazy about this “fresh out of the box” style, and I hate it!

never liked to look as if I am all polished and painted. I actually try a lot to look effortless. it takes so much more time to make yourself look messy, than the regular “comme il faut”, with every single hair or lash, at its place.

I even have tips, I use every day, in order to end up looking as if I haven’t tried. not even a bit.

as much as it is possible, I never use the drier after washing up my hair. I simply let it dry, and use my  special cheap air brush to style it up a bit. I think I actually have the cheapest air brush. one I bought from a department store. it breaks every single year, and I simply go buy another one, as it is the best I’ve tried or had. I use some oil for the ends and that is that. I hate sprays and all the other products, that make your hair look as if you hadn’t washed your hair since last year.

beer! that’s another thing I use. I don’t drink it, actually can’t  stand it. I only use it for the hair. no, it doesn’t have to be special or expensive. it makes the hair gorgeous. it shines and curls perfectly, and it doesn’t stink. I promise! you won’t end up smelling like you’ve been sleeping under the bar, the night before.

I don’t use foundation. I end up feeling as Barbie (not that I know how she feels…) every time I wear it. it makes me feel as if I have double skin on my face. I feel like I am suffocating, and my freckles simply disappear under the thing.  I used to use a lot when I was young and … well, you know…

we all know what suits us best, only when we learn more about what we are, and I certainly don’t feel old, and don’t like to be called madame. technically I am, since I am married with a kid. but it is all about the way we feel, and I definetely don’t feel like a madame.

getting back to products…I clean up my skin real well, and put on the face illuminator from No.7. it will always make my face look fresh and naturally glowy, even if I slept too little. well, if I am really tired, I will use a drop of concealer.

the one thing I never gave up, and never will, is the black kohl pencil. I am totally addicted to it. I even use it when on the beach. I love the way it spills around the eyelids, and you end up looking like Helena Christensen in Chris Isaak’s video. well, that must have been his best one, right? and I it was definitely about her!


(1.Black Suede knee boots – &Other Stories; 2. Kohl Pencil – Rimmel; 3. Helena Christensen; 4. Marlboro; 5. Kate Moss)

anyway, once I put the black pencil on I let it spill a little under the eye, and then I use a brush to finish. I use Black mascara, and lately, I only use this magic one from Bourgeois. it doesn’t make the lashes hard, but makes them look heavy and silky, and it makes them stick and stay together. a little blush and it’s all fixed.

no matter if it is about make-up or clothes, I’ve always hated to have everything matched and fixed perfectly. it certainly makes sense for some women, and it suits them just fine, but  that is exactly the thing I avoid when getting out of the house.

I must end up feeling a little messy and dramatic. I really, but really don’t want to look as if I stayed up all night, getting ready and putting on make-up, in order to get out of the house early in the morning.

well, I am not a morning person after all, so that makes it even easier.

Thursday #fav.

less ordinary

Nike Air Max // Moire

nike air max moire

says who ?!?

I woke up this morning with quite a good spirit.

I was allowed to sleep more, and that was enough to brighten up my new day.

we need to play. that’s exactly what we need to do today. just play. anything.

a song, a role-play, whatever turns us on today…

I recently discovered I am kinda bored with all this serious adult attitude. like we have to take everything so seriously…who says so?

life is not all about doing serious stuff. it is about being happy, about how we make it and interpret it.


(Eyelash Necklace – Miss Bibi; Fluffy Shoes – CELINE)

we all have a story to write and tell.

what if I choose to sing today? I could sing my favourite song while walking, I could wear flats or Minnie’s shoes.

I don’t actually care what others think, as long as I feel good about myself, and this is just one of those days…

a morning with me

mornings with myself are extremely unfriendly. I love to sleep late, but mornings are not really negociable. I have to, but have to wake up in time! thing that makes me feel kind of unhappy. really hard to tell how that makes me feel…well, happily, it doesn’t last long.

simply seeing the coffee mug makes me turn into a better person, more decent. decent to myself, but most of all, to others.

I simply don’t wanna talk. I wish for silence. a total silence. I wish to be left alone, with my thoughts and my anguish, not to be questioned, or expected to obey myself to any social convenience.

I need time in order to turn back into what I describe as being “myself”, to come back to better feelings.

all I need on such a morning is patience. other people’s patience and…

some good morning light, a huge cup of coffee (maybe even 2,3..) and that first cigarette, an acceptable outside temperature, enough time for 200 abs, 1l of water, an interesting perspective of the upcoming day, a good nut+dry fruit mix…last, but not least, the perfect matching song, that makes me start the day with a good vibe.

not much, huh?

Monday Mood For Tuesday



1. Garcia Lorca

2. A.P.C. Navy Shirt

3. Irina Marinescu Iris Pants // Black SS 15 Replica

4. Celine

5. MM6

Enjoy Tuesday!

would You like to dance ?

mai știi oare să dansezi, să te lași condusă? mai știi cum să duci piciorul în spate, cum să te lași moale, fără însă să te supui?

mai știi să dansezi pe vârfuri, chiar dacă porți tocuri…și ce sandale…?

cum să te învârtești ușor sub mâna care te conduce?

știi ce rochie ar trebui să porți atunci când dansezi?!? una singură. doar una, fără greș. nu poate fi altfel decât neagră, grea, tăiată in bias.


(1. OPIUM- YvesSaintLaurent; 2. ASOS; 3. Bianca Jagger in Halston Heritage)

ce parfum să porți, pentru ca în urma unei piruete, să lași în urmă ta o urmă de parfum, amestecată cu tutun?

exact cât trebuie, exact așa cum trebuie?

here comes Fall

îmi vine foarte greu să mă gândesc la toamnă, și să mă pun în acea stare, în care să accept cuminte ploaia, și firescul unui alt anotimp.

îmi este greu să-mi imaginez șiruri de zile sub nori, și perspectiva sutelor de nuanțe, incolore, de gri.

m-am văzut astfel nevoită să-mi scriu scenariul pentru anotimpul pe care îl iubesc cel mai puțin. să-l condimentez cu toate lucrurile, care mi-ar putea aduce micile bucurii în zilele lipsite de soare.

m-am așezat frumos în scaun, și am început să scriu…

am scris…

dulceață de caise cu sâmburi, fără zahăr. pardesieu din lâna moale. bețișoare cu tămâie, creioane noi, castane și mere coapte. o masă de lucru în mansardă. disciplină, “NO CARBS!!!”. Jimmy Fontana. o pereche nouă de flats (!?!?!!!)…


(1. Eddie Borgo; 2. Dzing – L’Artisan Parfumeur; 3. Broadway Wool-Felt Coat – Studio Nicholson; 4. Il Mondo Album – Jimmy Fontana; 5. Stan Smith – ADIDAS Originals)

Monday’s Fav.

Net Tote & Cave Print / In God We Trust


Monday’s Mix&Match

trebuie să recunosc că mood-boardul meu de luni, se potrivește în special tipologiei “skinny model”. cu puțină imaginație poate fi însă ușor de adaptat. în plus, nu m-am putut abține…


(1.Nomia Midi Pleated Skirt – La Garconne / via ; 2. Beacon Cuff – In God We Trust; 3. Vintage Army Backpack / via; 4. Cinnamon Sherbet – Comme des Garcons; 5. Nike Huarache)

mi-au plăcut întotdeauna fustele plisate. cele cu pliseuri mari, din țesături care au ținută. nicidecum cele care te duc cu gândul la bonboane fondante. n-am nimic împotriva fondandtelor. din contră! am însă o poziție foarte clară vis-a-vis de toate lucrurile cu tentă siropoasă – mă irită îngrozitor!

cum spuneam deci, nu m-am putut abține de la perspectiva unei fuste plisate perfect, combinată cu un top simplist, o pereche de senakers mai puțin previzibili, și un sac “no name” – asta, pentru că pe lista mea de “completely out” tronează toate gentuțele și poșetuțele, cu sau fără lanț.

prefer întotdeauna un sac, sau un shopping bag, din piele sau canvas.



Sunday’s fav.

// Swimwear //

Adidas by Stella McCartney // London Show



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